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RV Loans for Bad Credit

by Tim Harrison 3 months ago

RV Loans for Bad Credit: Yes, It's Possible!

Can I really finance an RV with bad credit or no credit? Wouldn't I need to find somewhere with no credit check financing? Can I get something decent from one of those buy here pay here places? It's a common worry, but there's hope. You don't always need perfect credit to get your dream! What if there was a bank that would look past your credit score? What if there was a dealership that financed your future instead of your past?

Beyond the Credit Score

At RV Depot, this is our philosophy. Since 1990, we have found reasons to say yes when other banks say no. Our secret is simple- credit score is just a number! We take the time to look past the credit report and understand what situations put you where you are today. With that outlook, we've made loans to tens of thousands of people with challenged credit but deserving of a second chance. At RV Depot, we believe your future is more important than your past. We try to understand what got you to where you are now. This way, we can help more people get into the RV they want.

Good RVs at Fair Prices

Worried about crazy high rates or old, broken-down campers? Don't be! We have a huge selection of good-quality, used campers. There's something for everyone, no matter your budget. And we make sure you can actually afford the payments. We are in this together!

Our Quality Promise

Every RV we sell is put through our state of the art shop, and a qualified technician makes sure your RV is in great shape before you take delivery. Just in case, every towable unit financed with our in-house bank is given a 6 month warranty at no charge! We've got your back!

The Bottom Line

So, to answer those questions up top – yes, you can get a good RV loan with bad credit! At RV Depot, it's not about selling just any RV. It's about finding the right one for you and making sure you're happy and ready to go. We've been helping folks for over 30 years. Ready to be our next happy camper? Give us a shout, and let's get you rolling in the RV that's perfect for you.