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Printable Checklist for RV Set-Up

by Staff Ashley and Brittany 1 year ago

Do you struggle with what to do when you arrive at a new site? I know I do! For me, having a checklist makes the process a breeze!!! Maybe this will help you too. This is a generic checklist and the specifics on the units can vary.

◻️ Choose a site that is as level as possible (Some sites are equipped with a prepared surface such as concrete or asphalt). Ensure the ground is not soft and will support the weight of jacks and/or other support devices.
DO NOT attempt to lift the RV with the stabilizer jacks. These are not designed to bear weight, only help stabilize the RV from movement.
◻️  Before uncoupling, level the RV from side to side with leveling blocks under the tires. Be sure all 4 jacks have about the same pressure on them as to not put the RV in a twist.
 Doing so can cause slide-outs, doors, etc. to bind and/or operate intermittently.
◻️ Once the RV is level, put wheel chocks or blocks in place so the RV can’t move, uncouple the RV from the tow vehicle.


Once the RV is safely leveled and stabilized, continue with set-up.
◻️ Power Setup: Turn off breakers at power posts.
◻️ Connect autoformer, turn on breakers & verify power status.
◻️ Connect the shore-line cord to the autoformer and to RV.
◻️ Turn on the LP.
◻️ Connect the water hose and regulator.
 ◻️ Connect the sewer hose (if you plan on staying a while).
◻️ Ensure black and gray valves are closed.
Helps prevent gas smell

Once the RV is plugged in and systems are running, continue with the inside set up.
◻️ Open the step.
◻️ Open slide-outs.
◻️ Open the roof vents and turn on the fan (if applicable) to create air exchange. 
◻️ Turn on the fridge.
◻️ Turn on the lights.
◻️ Turn on the A/C (or heater).
◻️ Verify that the water heater tank is full then turn on the water heater at the control center.
◻️ Enjoy!