Travel Nurse-RV Life

by Staff Ashley and Brittany 1 year ago

Traveling nurses are becoming a larger industry than anyone could have guessed. The stress of finding temporary housing can be overwhelming. Most agencies have a set up housing available, but at what cost? The pros, well, when you cannot find any other options, they can find you temporary housing. Though not always where you want to be and usually at the expense of your housing stipend pay. I know I like to have control over where I lease. If you choose to go the route of your agency setting you up with housing, then expect your pay to be lowered because they tend to remove the housing stipend from your overall pay. 

Finding temporary housing as a traveling nurse can be frustrating. You must constantly search places like groups, forums, calling realtors, Furnished Finders, or even Craigslist. We all know places like Craigslist can be sketchy. If you’re a woman traveling alone, I would not recommend this route at all.... Finding a place that offers short term leasing AND is fully furnished is more difficult than most people realize. Most apartments will not allow short term leasing, most of their minimum is a 12-month contract. As a travel nurse your contracts can get canceled and you may get stuck in a lease that you don’t need. If you do get lucky enough to find a place that offers short-term leasing, then you have to look to see if you are lucky enough to have a fully furnished temporary home. If not, then you have more problems on your hands that you need to resolve. Do not forget about setting up the utilities.... Before you know it, you have spent over the housing stipend that your agency provided you. 

The travel nursing community has started to drift towards RV living. We can’t say that we blame them... The long-term outlook is so much more affordable. After the initial setup of the RV, like down payments and getting the extra attachments, you will start coming out with more money because you are getting to save the remainder of your housing stipend each month. Finding places to short-term lease and cost you anywhere from $500 to $2,000, and it still does not guarantee utilities, furniture, and even safety. Motel living may be furnished, and include utilities, but their rates are just as high in prices and will add up just as quickly. Plus, you are spending all this money on something you will never own. 

RV Parks are all over the United States, with more opening each month. You get to control where you live, and how close you want to be. RV Parks (typically) include water, electricity, trash, and in most cases free wi-fi and laundry room. They are more accommodating for those three-six month leases. Traveling across the country and have some time before that next contract, or want to see the Grand Canyon on your way to California? RV parks also welcome those weekend stayers, so you never have to worry about hotels again! 

No one likes to pack, let alone unpack their life. Sure, you may have gotten used to minimal living, but think of all the time you could save by never having to fold and hang all your clothes each time you arrive at a new place. RV living allows you to bring your home with you. You will always have a fridge that you can keep stocked, you will always have that favorite pillow, and you can now travel with kids or pets. Bringing the family along while you experience a new state offers room for adventure. You get to still create memories that you all will never forget. If you are a single parent, this kind of lifestyle can be a game changer. You get to follow your profession while still maintaining a relationship with your family. 

We here at RV Depot believe in helping you achieve your future. We are a short-term financing company that can get you approved for an RV today! Own your own home on wheels in only four to six years!! With that RV paid off, imagine all the extra money from the housing stipend you get to keep!